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Diana Wolf

Vienna based multidisciplinary artist creating conceptual paintings, photography, sculptures and illustrations in elegant eclectic style.

With a background in architecture and interior design her work is influenced by her favorite architects. Diana explores the relationship between shape, colour, texture, realism and abstraction. She draws inspiration from the sensual, voluptuous lips and the stories they tell.

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Featured in SaatchiArt Collection 2015

~ 2020 Aug. 22-  Sept.4 - Group exhibition ROTER FADEN, KreativRaum Galerie - Vienna,  Austria

~ 2016 Oct.-Nov. - Solo exhibition THE LIPS,  Kaiserwasser Center,  Vienna,  Austria

~ 2015 Oct. 16-22 - Group exhibition SMALL, Kunstraum SUPER - Vienna, Austria

~ 2014 Dec. - 2015 Jan. -  One artwork show  LIPS ZERO, HILLINGER, Vienna

~ 2000 - Group photo exhibition,  Kiev, Ukraine

~ 2000 - Group photo exhibition, UAE

~ 1999 - Solo photo exhibition COLOR OF MY PHILOSOPHY

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